Advantages of Electrical Vehicle

An electric vehicle (EV’s) are pleasant to drive and creates bliss because they are fast and smooth. EVs are innovative and cool. Electric vehicles are the upcoming and trending transport all over the world. Many studies show that the emissions from burning fossil fuels such as gasoline/petroleum produce harmful greenhouse gases. EV’s doesn’t produce any smelly fumes or harmful greenhouse gases. So electric vehicles help in reducing of global warming comparing to the combustion engine vehicles, can attain maximum speed without any noise and vibrations.

  • NO FUEL NEEDED:- Electric Vehicles works on electricity, it doesn’t need any gas or fuel to start or to drive. So no need to go to fuel station.
  • COST EFFECTIVE:- As Electric Vehicles doesn’t need any fuel, the electricity at home or at the charging station is its fuel and this fuel is much more cheaper than petroleum.
  • LOW RUNNING COST:- As compare to any other combustible fuel vehicle Electric Vehicles is three times less in running cost for a kilometer.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COST:- Electric Vehicles doesn’t have any complicated working part unlike other combustible vehicle. So it is very low to maintain it.
  • EASY TO DRIVE:- Combustible vehicle have complicated procedure to drive but Electric Vehicles is fully automatic with just three gears Neutral, Drive & Reverse which is quite easy to drive even for new drivers.
  • EASY TO CHARGE:- Charging Electric Vehicles is not a high-fey rocket science. It is as easy as charging a mobile phone.
  • ZERO NOISE POLLUTION:- Electric vehicle is also called as Silent vehicle unlike any other combustible vehicle it doesn’t produce any noise, so much beneficial for environment.
  • ZERO EMISSION:- Electric Vehicles is Eco-friendly vehicle with Zero emission of carbon in the environment. As per NITI Aayog if India Switch to Electric Vehicle by 2030 than 37% of carbon will be reduced in the Environment.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: If 37% of carbon will be reduced in the environment than air will be much better than today. It will have a direct positive effect on human health. As per Green Pace India Report 47 Million children in India under the age group of 5years are residing in the area with hazardous pollution in urban areas, 50% to 90% of pollution is from combustible fuel vehicle. Switching to Electric vehicle will give better air to the future adult citizen of India there by making better India.
  • ENERGY SECURITY:- At present India is highly dependent on other countries for petroleum import. So switching to Electric vehicle is the best option because it doesn’t need any petroleum product there by India could save $330 billion by not purchasing 876 Million Matrix tones oil.
  • OTHER BENEFITS:- NITI Aayog has planned many other benefits to promote Electric Vehicles in India like E.V will have green Number plate, free parking for 3 years, and toll Waived off across the country.
  • SAVINGS: Your Savings will be unimaginable as electric vehicles have low running cost, low maintenance, very low fuel cost i.e electricity, 3years parking free in malls residential areas and finally toll waived off across the country.
    • Just calculate how much have you saved by switching to Electric Vehicle.
    • Than why wait GO ELECTRIC, GO GREEN”

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