Charging at Home

Charging ELECRO 1.t at home is more convenient, inexpensive and safest way to charge the electric vehicle that too at low, stable, residential electric rate. The cost to run your electric vehicle over the course of a year can be less than running an Air conditioner.

Charging the ELECRO 1.t at home is as easy as charging any mobile phone at home. .Just plugs in at night and relax, next day you will wake up to a full tank. Your home will be your fueling station

Charging at Workplace

ELECRO 1.t is basically a commercial mini truck, which will be more useful in warehouse, FMCG’s local distributor and for home deliveries. The maximum distance for local distributors and for home delivery is less than 80km

After the morning trip you need not to go to fuel pump, just plug-in in the warehouse, godown or may be in the rest area and by the time you will be ready for your next trip, so is your vehicle, charged up and ready.

Charging at Charging Station

“Charging with the fastest charger is the charging in the fastest time”. Yes charging at the charging station is the fastest way of charging ELECRO1.t that too in less than 2 hours.

As per government regulations in India, government will install charging stations on highway at every 50kms and in the city at every 3km.

So being the owner of an ELECRO1.t will not be a hassle for you.

Charging Anywhere

You can charge Electric vehicle anywhere you want to, and it is convenient too.

If you are on highway and halted to have food, than your Restaurant is your charging point that too at nominal rate.

If you want to take a rest on highway, than your hotel is your charging station at reasonable rate.

You can charge your vehicle anywhere like from a garage to fuel pump, from Restaurant to home. “Where there is electricity there is a charging station for you”. Just carry your charger because your charger itself is the solution for you.

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