Research & Development

Electric vehicles are the upcoming and trending transpo all over the world. They are more enegry efficient, less effective to the atmosphere and to the environment by no emission of gases into the environment thus helps in reduction of global warming comparing to the combustion engine vehicles.

These are eco friendly, Cheaper to maintenance, no emissions, safe and easy to drive, free from noise pollution, Easier simple and cost effective to service the ev's.

We are going to built an electric Cars and buses , which are capable to run in all the terrains in any atmosphere. which delivers a powerful and smooth driving experience, with enormous specifications that makes your journey as a memory.

We have a special team with innovative ideas and enchanting minds working day to day to enhance the mileage of electric vehicles(EV's) and reducing the charging time. We are going to revolutionize electric vehicles with innovative ideas and tech.

Research and Developmemt,
Croyance Automotive .

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